We don’t talk about mental health.

We take action instead.

Employee Mental Health Workshops

Our employee mental health workshops are unique and powerful. Find out why Companies are turning to Myndr for game-changing support.

Who is Myndr?

Myndr is based in Newcastle upon Tyne, co-founded by Entrepreneurs Emma Reilly & Lizzy Hodcroft
Emma & Lizzy joined forces in late 2018 when Emma was placed on an 18 month waiting list for health psychology after being diagnosed with Endometriosis.

The pair have a combined experience of 40 years as mental health service users, Emma with a severe form of Social Anxiety and Depression, Lizzy with Eating Disorders, Addiction & Depression. Their stories are both inspirational and motivational and prove a massive hit at business wellness events and workshops.

What people are saying about Myndr
“When we heard that we were having a mental health workshop at work I immediately switched off. I wasn’t interested in another Company coming in and telling us what stress was or how we should be feeling. However, the Myndr team truly blew me away. It was refreshing to hear it coming from people with real experience. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it and it and really got me thinking about my own mental fitness”.

Employee, Bink

“I almost didn’t show up to the workshop. But it’s been life changing. I cannot thank you enough”

– Employee, Bink