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About us

Myndr is a North East based business created by founders Emma Reilly and Lizzy Hodcroft. Frustrated with the lack of support available for those struggling with mental health and wellbeing issues, the duo decided take matters into their own hands. Over the past year, Emma and Lizzy have reached out to professionals, busineses, health providers, patients and carers to dig deep into understanding how they can and will start to empower individuals to get access to the right support at the right time in the right way that is suited to each and every person.

Currently, Myndr is working in partnership with Home Group, their staff and their clients to further develop the support platform with a focus on preventitive interventions, visual mood and energy tracking, as well as how Myndr will tailor the platform to be personalised for each user.

Most recently, Myndr and their collaboration partner Komodo Digital was awarded over £300k in funding from Innovate UK to further progress in their mission to provide bespoke support and action plans for their users. You can read the full press release on this by clicking here