Business Mental Fitness Workshops

Myndr offers a bespoke range of mental health and person development workshops for Leaders and Employees. Along with some of our carefully selected expert partners, we have created a range of workshops which offer a more practical and experience driven approach to self-care and mental fitness. Check out some of our most popular workshops below.

Our workshops

Personal Stories

Emma & Lizzy share their personal mental health journeys, ranging from addiction and eating disorders, to severe social anxiety and depression. This workshop has proven to be our most popular, with employees expressing again and again how inspirational and motivational they found it.

Approx. 2 hours.
With Emma & Lizzy

Finding Your Value

Lizzy discusses how finding and living by your values can have a positive impact on your mental wellebing. Also, are their good and bad values? What happens when we ignore our values? This workshop includes pratical challenges to help your staff think about what drives them and how they can use their values at work.

Approx 1 hour
With Lizzy

Effective Communication/ Working With ASD

This workshop helps equip staff with the personal tools for better communicatio at work. Emma, who was diagnosed with severe Social Anxiety when she was a teenager and later Aspergers Syndrome, helps employees to recognise different types of communication styles and personality types and how all can work better together.

Approx 3 hours
With Emma & Lizzy

Female Health at Work

This workshop is for both female and male staff who want to know how to effectively manage female health at work and how to support their female colleagues more effectively. Topics include period pain, menopuase & female based health conditions such as Endometriosis. 

Approx 2-3 hours
With Emma & Lizzy

Coping With Stress

Coping with stress is a popular workshop Myndr offers for both leaders and employees. We will disucss the differences between stress and anxiety. Participants will also learn more about what stress is, its causes and how it can be relieved. Topics include stress and physical health, sleep & coping strategies

Approx. 2 hours
Lizzy & Emma

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As well as our full range of employee workshops, Myndr is building a web application which helps employees work on their own mental fitness 24/7. We’d love for your team to be part of a closed trial. Send us an email and we’ll be in touch soon!

Remember you can also sign your team up instantly to our monthly fitness club. Discounts available for large teams.

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