Why should you start this journey with myndr?  Why is it so important to understand who you are before you set and achieve goals? Why are you looking to change? And why now?

We all have different answers to these but I will guarantee that none of those answers are “to work myself to death and blame myself for everything that goes wrong” or “so that I can constantly question my confidence and capability in everything I do”.

And since none of us started the process of improving our mental health with that in mind, why are we letting the journey become navigated by our own insecurities?

Let’s face it – it’s tough. It’s a lot harder than we ever planned and we’ve invested a lot more than heartache; we’ve invested our blood, sweat, tears, family, relationships and well being. Oh, and not to mention our sanity!

But this isn’t what this journey is supposed to be about.

This is your chance to create the life you dreamed of so don’t let yourself be bogged down by the pile of work that will never end. Enjoy the process. Savour every minute. Reflect on what you are doing and why you are doing it. If what you are doing doesn’t align with the life you imagined, you better find some energy to change it. Remember, this is your goal. This is your life.

When it comes to goal setting, two of the most common approaches are creating process-oriented goals or outcome-oriented goals. While outcome-based goals tend to have a definite endpoint, such as reaching a performance milestone, process-oriented goals focus on the littler things that help you to reach that milestone. Without process-focused goals, it is far less likely for people to actually achieve their long-term goal. Find joy in the steps needed to build your business and suddenly the weight seems half as heavy.

Someday I’ll be rich. Someday I’ll finish school. Someday my kids will be able use the bathroom on their own. Someday I’ll be able to quit my job. Someday my blog will have a million readers. Someday.

There are plenty of examples in real life where the ride is more fun or important than the journey’s end. In fact, we spend a lot more time in process than we ever will basking in the reflected glory of our final destination. 

So, I think it is time to step back, take a breath and enjoy the process of healing, finding peace, living your life.