Myndr helps people overcome problems by providing bespoke action plans and mentoring

What is it that you want?

In a world where it is increasingly difficult to access the right support for mental health well-being, Myndr has created a system which allows you to access supportive tools, lived experience and experts in order to get a working action plan.

Whether its anxiety, depression, stress, weight loss or pain management, Myndr helps you to start working on steps to help support change. 

Myndr is not a diagnostic tool, nor does it support at a clinical level. We do however, help to faciliate both behaviour and thought change on real problems affecting your happiness. 

What does the process involve?

To begin, all you need to do is tell us what it is you are looking to solve, overcome or work towards. Myndr will do the rest.

1. Tell us about you

Myndr works better the more you tell us. Your details are anonymisied in the system and held on a secure server. We do not share your details with anyone.

2. Myndr builds a 5 step plan

Our system looks for peers just like you who have overcome a similar problem. It builds a plan which you will receive in your inbox. A plan may be a mixture of physical actions, groups, courses or media. 

3. Mentors to help you move forward

You can access mentoring with our experts through a private message facility. They’ll support and encourage you as you work through your steps.

4. Learn, Grow, Repeat

More steps will be added to your action plan as you work through your goal. If something doesn’t feel right then discount it and Myndr will add something new. 

Are you ready to take control over your own Mental Fitness?

Why we are different?

Myndr uses lived experience as the foundation of its platform. We work with lots of people just like you who are willing to share their experiences to help others. We’re also supported by experts in sleep, addiction, female health, psychology and finance. Our goal is to help each other to make strides forward in whatever goal we want to achieve. Myndr is not a forum. You will only ever deal with Myndr directly.