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These are all pieces written and read outloud by Lizzy Hodcroft.

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Episode 10 of 10 – Coping Through Tragedy

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This piece is taken from an article written by Dr. Rebecca Blakeman. Dr. Blakeman is a licensed psychologist in the United States, practicing in Georgia for the last 17 years. She discovered at 12 years of age that she had an interest in psychology and passion for helping others, and never wavered from this. While completing her undergraduate degree at the University of Kentucky she knew that her calling was to specialize in working with children, in order to ‘start early’ and lower risk of chronic mental health difficulties in adulthood. While completing her doctorate at Auburn University, Dr. Blakeman received broad training in psychology across the lifespan, with an emphasis on working with children and families.

 In this podcast, Rebecca looks at how we can cope in times of stress of tragedy.

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Episode 9 of 10 – Ambitiously Humble

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Humility can feel soft when problems are hard. Ego may get more attention but it is modesty that harbours results. Where arrogance makes headlines, humility makes a difference. Can we be ambious and humble? Lizzy explores.

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Episode 8 of 10 – Welcome To A Long Lost Friend (Sweet Creativty)

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Creativity has come again. With the lockdown providing a certain silence, Lizzy is happy to welcome back an old friend. This piece is particularly visual and written with excellent imagery and langauge. Highly recommend sitting back with your eyes closed to absorb.

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Episode 7 of 10 – The Shame Scandal (Condensed TedXNewcastle Talk)

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Lizzy has condensed a talk she delivered for TedxNewcastle in October 2019. These piece was performed to over 1400 people in the Sage Gateshead. In The Shame Scandal: Each morning, the shame must be shed to make way for the process. And that process is simply to allow myself to truly and authentically live – without any expectation. The process is the power of reflection, learning to understand where we went wrong and how to empower that experience into strength.

Episode 6 of 10 – How Lockdown Taught Me to Love My Body

In this Ten Minute Pod –

Lizzy explores how a break from the external pressures of society has lead to healing her relationship with her body. “Anxiety that at the beginning boiled up from an old eating disorder has now calmed and even turned into a weird new respect and loving for my body as I start to value flexibility, nourished skin and posture more than the size of it.”

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Episode 5 of 10 – Are Happy People Successful People?

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Lizzy explores the idea that we should put our wellbeing above our economic output by asking if happy people are successful and if successful people are happy

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Episode 4 of 10 – The Brighest Light

In this Ten Minute Pod –

Lizzy asks, “Why is it that we must always wait for the darkest times in order to the see the brightest light?” With the UK looking to ease lockdown measures, some us are not ready to let go of the solitude and calm that staying at home has brought us.

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Episode 3 of 10 – Reflect in the Way You See Fit (Lemons Are Cool Too)

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Lizzy discusses why we don’t need to have some sort of coming of age, paradigm shift just because we are confined to our houses. Perhaps it’s just a time to reflect and heal.


Episode 2 of 10 – OCD In A Time of COVID

In this Ten Minute Pod –

This is written by Emma Reilly, co-founder of Myndr. She has worked alongside “Sarah” to make this piece which is then read outloud by Lizzy Hodcroft.

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Episode 1 of 10 – Releasing Guilt In Lockdown

In this Ten Minute Pod –

Lizzy Hodcroft dives into the positives of lockdown and how we can find be kind and gentle with ourselfs, others and expectations.